Download password-protected videos from Vimeo

de is a video sharing platform like YouTube. You can share your videos public or password protected. To download password protected videos with any additional software you need to know the password to access the video.

With this tutorial you can download password protected videos from Vimeo free and legal if you know the password for the video to get access to it.

Tutorial to download a video without additional software

1. Open the video in any web browser, for example in Safari, Chrome or Firefox. The website will ask for the password that you need to enter now.

Vimeo example video


2. Perform a right click directly on the video and choose „Inspect“ in the menu. This opens a small window with the web development tools where you can see the HTML source code.

Webbrowser Inspect Tool

3. The video player (<div>-element) has the attribute „data-config-url“. You need to copy the URL that is displayed after the „data-config-url“-attribute and open this URL in your browser.

HTML source code of

4. This will open a JSON file in your browser. All .mp4 video streams in all available qualities are listed in this JSON file. You can search this file for „.mp4“ and look for your desired quality (for example „quality“:“360p“).

Vimeo JSON data

5. Copy the link to the .mp4 file in the quality that you want to download. Open this link in your web browser and download the Video.

This also works for normal Vimeo videos. de Dieses Tutorial gibt es auch auf deutsch.